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4 Ways to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Well, we’ve made it to the New Year – happy 2016! The New Year is prime time for new beginnings – new workout routines, new eating habits, new wardrobes – but it can be hard to stick to a new routine. According to a 2014 study conducted by the University of Scranton psychology department quoted […]

DIY Treatments For Beautiful Hair

Who would have thought that things like eggs, yogurt and honey can not only be used in the kitchen but also as a part of our beauty routine? There are so many different types of hair serums, masks etc. out on the market – but the downfall to them is that they come packed with […]

Ortanic Holiday Glow! Plus: FFC Members Get 50% off All Month Long

Offset that little black dress or tuxedo with a shimmery, holiday party-worthy glow – Ortanic will put the finishing touch on your holiday outfit! Plus: FFC Members take 50% Off an Ortanic Tan all month long. Stop by the Spa at FFC or go online to www.ortanic.com/book-now to schedule and appointment.  Appointment spaces fill quickly!

Surprising Things That Cause Skin Damage

Although you may have known about some of the skin saboteurs on this list, we’re pretty sure there are others you may not have realized can add up to a whole lot of skin damage. We’ve compiled a list of things you should look out for! Sleeping With Your Makeup On While sleeping with makeup […]

Summertime Indoor Activities To Take Outside

The weather is beautiful in Chicago and it looks like summer is here to stay — for now. We’ve gotten used to spending time indoors that it might be a hard time adjusting to the outdoor. The best way to do so is to take some of your favorite activities outside and enjoy the weather! […]

Beautiful Healthy Summer Hair

We always talk about our skin when it comes to keeping it soft and hydrated…especially throughout the summer months. But what about our hair? The intense sun rays in the summer and the super dry heat and humidity can do some damage to our hair and make it dry, frizzy and unmanageable. It can sometimes […]

Top Hair Trends For Spring 2015

Spring is here and that means it’s the season of no muss, no fuss hairdos leaving you more time to have fun! Some of this season’s styles are simple enough for just about anyone to do. A wet look, a casual braid or bun, and, most importantly, bed hair are becoming extremely popular this season. […]

Natural Remedies For Spring Allergies

As spring creeps up on us, so do our allergies. Spring is also the time to decide whether you will be fighting those allergies with over-the-counter medications, or if you will opt to take the more natural route… Which I, personally, think is the best and safest way. Some anti-allergy medications can make us feel […]

Sweet Valentine’s Looks

Sure it’s fun to do makeup and hair on any day… but it can be even more fun to do it on Valentines Day! Whether you have a romantic evening planned, a last minute date, or a night out with friends, here are a few tips on getting the perfect sexy Valentines Day look. Let’s […]

Fashion and Beauty Trends 2015

2015 is here to deliver lots of new colors and laid back styles. As fashion history will repeat itself, some of these looks we have seen before. That said, I’m happy to say they have a fresh flare! Need a frame of reference? Think retro 70’s – Joni Mitchell Meets Runway Femme Fatale. Here are […]