Company Story

Our Story:

Ortanic was launched in January 2009 after doing some very intensive research on the sunless industry to find out about all the “gaps” that were causing clients (such as yourself) to not trust the results.

We couldn’t understand that if there was a healthier alternative to the sun, why people weren’t using it. Was it the solutions that were being used? The technology? The customer service?

Here’s what we found:

  • Just about every product on the market was turning people orange and streaky.
  • The smell of sunless products were so strong that people didn’t want it on their bodies.
  • People didn’t like being sprayed because they were inhaling all the particulates and felt that it wasn’t completely safe.
  • The results were very inconsistent as it was just a side thing for most businesses and no one actually specialized in it.

After hearing this, we knew we had our work cut out for us, but we also knew there was a way to fix all of these issues. We scoured the globe to find the best solution to all of these problems, and we are proud to say that after testing things over and over again we’ve found what not only works, but what also produces the best results.

Our Amazing Team:

What sets apart our team from anyone else in the market today is our passion for making people look and feel their best. There’s nothing more gratifying than to see the look on a customer’s face the moment they see themselves after they have been airbrushed– that “look” in their faces makes what we do worth it all.

At Ortanic, we spend a tremendous amount of time training our team so you can be assured that the results we deliver are nothing but the best. Our team of licensed estheticians have extensive makeup backgrounds, so you can feel comfortable knowing they’ll find the proper shade for your skin type and desires. Best of all, they make you feel comfortable, because we know it isn’t easy to undress in front of a stranger the first time you meet them!

Our Customer Service:

Our mission from day one was to provide the type of customer service usually only seen at ritzy hotels and restaurants, but without the pretentious attitude or price tag. We take customer service very seriously and will do everything we can to make every client happy, no matter what it takes.

We’re always available to address any needs you may have by email at, or visit our Contact page.

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