Beautiful Healthy Summer Hair

We always talk about our skin when it comes to keeping it soft and hydrated…especially throughout the summer months. But what about our hair? The intense sun rays in the summer and the super dry heat and humidity can do some damage to our hair and make it dry, frizzy and unmanageable. It can sometimes even change the color of our hair. There are a few things we can do to help stop that process or even prevent it! Here are some ways to keep your hair soft, shiny and silky throughout the summer months.

Let us start with washing your hair. Most of us don’t need to wash our hair every day and should not. Our scalp produces sebum which moisturizes your scalp naturally and keeps it hydrated. Try to skip a day in between washes and when you do wash your hair, wash your scalp only and then rinse. The shampoo you have on top will make its way down to your ends as you rinse. And that is all you need as shampoo can also be very drying to the hair.

Conditioner would be the next step. Make sure you only put conditioner on the ends of your hair. You can rub just a little on the top of your scalp, but it’s really unnecessary. The oils that our scalp produces keeps the top of our head fully conditioned naturally. That’s why the hair on top of our head is a lot healthier than our ends. Putting conditioner on the top of your head can also make your hair greasy faster..this will ensure that you will not need to wash your hair on a daily basis.

Just how we use masks on our face we also need to use masks on our hair. Try at least once a week. You can purchase one or you can make one yourself. If you purchase one, look for one which has a lot of protein ingredients as well as Keratin to make your hair shiny and strong. Your best bet would be to leave it overnight for best results then shampoo and condition. The results are amazing! Now if you are someone who would like to try to make your own hair mask at home, here is a good protein filled mask that will do wonders for your hair especially if you do it once a week.

½ banana
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 egg whites
blend, apply and leave on for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse off. The protein-packed egg whites help strengthen hair..especially the split ends.

Most of us blow dry, straighten and curl our hair. This is all not bad to do as long as you are using a heat protectant before you do so. The heat protectant will seal your hair and protect it from the heat to make sure it doesn’t dry it out and make it frizzy.

Start these steps now to make sure you have beautiful healthy hair before the summer comes! And, of course, come in to get your Ortanic tan. Warm weather is just around the corner.

This Blog is written by Ortanic Coordinator, Kat Maj. The opinions in this post are her own. Contact Kat at