How to Eat Chicago Deep Dish & Still Stay on Track

Licensed Esthetician and Ortanic specialist Stacy Nawrocki recently went to the West Loop Lou Malnati’s with her fiancé and his family for a late lunch and some Chicago deep dish. She shares some tips for indulging in the Chicago staple the smart way!

The restaurant itself was great – we had a big party of people with us, and the waitress handled us like a pro. From having past restaurant experience, I can tell you that waiting on a big table can be a little intimidating – but she took our orders right away and was very friendly.

A short while later our party was finally ready to order – and yes, it did include deep dish. If you’re anything like me, you can’t say no to Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track AND enjoy one of Chicago’s finest traditions:

Order salad.

Our party decided on two family-style salads – I chose a garlic style dressing on the side, and it was amazing.

Pick Your Toppings Wisely.

I would suggest ordering a variety of fresh veggies like green peppers and tomatoes (my personal favorites) to help add more greens and give you energy while still tasting delicious.

Eat with a Knife & Fork.

After my salad, I ate one slice of the deep dish cheese pizza with a knife and fork – and let me tell you, one slice completely filled me up! Eating with a knife and fork allows you to slow down a little bit and savor the flavor – eating less in the process.

I love Chicago for these amazing food choices and this was no exception. I can’t wait to go back in the near future and would recommend it to anyone for a family day out in the city!

Stacy Nawrocki is a licensed Esthetician and Ortanic specialist at FFC. Book your next appointment with her by contacting her at or book online by visiting this link!