Mid-Summer Days & Nights: How To Incorporate Summer Color Trends

Earlier this spring, fashion-devotees watched the runways in Paris to see what colors would dominate this year’s spring and summer collections. Would this summer be ruled by bold, bright hues? Colorful designs inspired by photography? As we soon discovered, this summer took on a much lighter, fresher, nature-inspired palette that ranges from soft rosy hues to champagne and water lily tones.

Fashion writers, designers and lovers of all that rule the runway were not disappointed with this year’s palette of colors that inspire tranquility and designs meant to calm the mind. Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and linen, as well as colors taken from nature such as soft greens, teals, and blues (reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea) found their way into many designs and many closets this year.

With a healthy tan, these softer colors make pulling an outfit together a breeze! So let’s talk colors. Among the list of the most popular colors is blush-  a lighter shade of rose that has found its way into many bridal party dresses.

Now, there are definitely mixed feeling about rose or blush colored dresses (particularly from several bridesmaids that I airbrushed!) Many clients felt that their fairer toned skin almost matched the dresses they would be wearing. The answer? A sunless, healthy looking tan, of course! With a little color, all of a sudden the softer shades of the season could easily be worn and the tan was the showstopper- a natural glow perfect for highlighted the blush/rose colored dresses.

Other colors designers have incorporated into their designs this summer include peach, blue, buttercup, lilac gray, and “iced coffee.” These warm and soft colors are often found in nature (think rain forests and balmy vacation getaway resorts!) This year’s trend may reflect a need that designers see in turning away from the technology-driven world we live in for a simpler look at life. Yes, technology is wonderful, but so is the ability to unplug from it. And, if wearing a buttercup dress or Mediterranean blue tie calms the mind, then what better way to celebrate summer fashion and highlight your tan than to wear the season’s most popular palette this year?!

But what if you don’t want to commit one of these hues to your entire outfit? For women, who tend to shy away from these more “natural” hues, an easy way to incorporate the colors of the season is into a manicure or pedicure. Likewise, for men, it’s easy to reach past the bold red tie for a softer red, a lighter blue, or even a lilac tie to bring a little fashion into the office.

Keep in mind that the softer hues have also been shown to reduce stress levels and are often used in color design in bedrooms and home offices, where calm minds inspire rest and reduced stress levels. This summer the colors are taking the stage and the color palettes are reminding us to take time to stop and smell the roses (or lilacs!)
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