Summer blues: 4 ways to survive the season change into fall in Chicago

Summer Blues: 4 Ways To Survive the Season Change Into Fall in Chicago

Newsflash – summer doesn’t end on Labor Day! Let’s face it, for most people it can be a little rough saying goodbye to summer. Even if it’s not the hot weather you’ll miss or you didn’t get a chance to take a vacation, there’s something that feels more simple about life in summer. Whether it’s the longer days, the endless outdoor Chicago events, the carefree manner of dress, or the laid back gatherings with friends, summer just seems to make life seem a little “easier”. Before you bid a hard farewell to lazy summer days, think about this: the average daytime temperatures in Chicago for September and October range from 62 – 74 degrees; no need to break out your Snuggie just yet! Here are a few tips to survive the season change into fall in Chicago and keep the summer spirit alive.

Leave (most of) the fall clothes in the bin for a while.

You won’t want to overheat while enjoying Jazzin’ at the Shedd each Wednesday from Sept 12 – October 10, Riot Fest, Ravenswood Art Walk or any of the numerous beer and Oktoberfests around the city (many are in September). Stick with the midi or maxi dress, or a romper with or without sleeves, and bring a light sweater or poncho to throw over your shoulders for evenings.

Don’t ditch pink for pumpkin just yet.

Unless you’re going to a formal evening event, you’re probably not ready for dramatic eyes and shadows the early fall days. Go for bolder lip shades with a little of that pink or nude summer gloss over the top for some shimmer. Try a plum or burgundy hue and continue using neutral eye shades with a little winged eye liner. Also, you spent some quality money on those summer highlights and shimmery glosses so no need to wake up one September morning and bid adieu. While blonde highlights may have lost a little luster by now, you can just ask your stylist about getting some lowlights in a richer caramel and glazing the rest of the blonde with a touch of gold. If you’re brunette, add a little touch of warmth without going too dark, or try auburn to complement the changing leaves.

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Keep your skin glowing.

As the weather turns more crisp and cool, your skin can begin to dry out. Get an all-over body exfoliator such as a loofah or mitt and brush skin lightly once or twice a week. For your face, use a beaded scrub such as jojoba and avoid anything too abrasive. On that note, don’t let your skin go from sun-kissed to peaked overnight either. Did you know an airbrush tan, done correctly, will help restore moisture and balance to your skin? You can maintain your airbrush tan by just lightening up the color just a little bit. Your Ortanic artist will know how to blend just the right shade to transition you from warm and breezy to cool and calm and keeping you looking gorgeous all season long.

Continue eating deliciously and nutritiously.

Summer’s ending shouldn’t include a free pass for discontinuing healthy eating. There’s no switch that says we should trade salads for nachos or grilled veggies for loaded baked potatoes on September 21. There are plenty of “comfort foods” that can be enjoyed while you are still baring some skin (see rompers and maxi dresses above!). Try a spinach salad with a sharp blue cheese, some dried cranberries and pecans or a yummy roasted beet salad with a little kale and some toasted pepitas (with or without goat cheese). If it’s something warm you crave, opt for a 3 bean veggie chili, a vegan cauliflower chowder, or a butternut squash soup.

The important thing to remember is that Chicago’s weather will fluctuate from season to season quite regularly, but usually does not have a dramatic “overnight” switch from hot to cold. Plan on being adaptable and ENJOY every minute of the late summer/early fall. See you at Ortanic!