Summertime Indoor Activities To Take Outside

The weather is beautiful in Chicago and it looks like summer is here to stay — for now. We’ve gotten used to spending time indoors that it might be a hard time adjusting to the outdoor. The best way to do so is to take some of your favorite activities outside and enjoy the weather! Here are a few indoor activities that would be even better outside! Enjoy…

Movies? We all love to head to the theater for a good movie, but with the beautiful weather you can enjoy a movie even more! Create a personal outdoor movie theater experience by grabbing a few folding chairs and projecting a flick onto the garage door. Chicago also features outdoor movie series during the summer in the park.

Catch a concert or play outdoors instead of visiting a museum or indoor theater. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of outdoor cultural experiences. Find some free performances in public parks or check out a local street fest or art exhibit.

Call a friend outdoors instead of chatting indoors. Head for a bench or grassy spot and phone a friend who is sure to lift your spirits. Or just wear a headset for show and have a heart to heart with yourself.

We all love parties and get togethers with our closest friends and family. Host a rooftop or pool party instead of an indoor get together. There is sunshine…a cool breeze and you don’t have to worry about anyone spilling beer all over your carpet.

The cubicle and home office aren’t the only places with internet access. Use the Wi-fi outdoors instead of working inside. Grab the laptop, sit on a park bench and get some work done in a new environment.

Step outside for a mid day meal instead of eating lunch in front of the computer. There is some evidence that shows chowing down in front of the computer causes overeating, so head to a nearby park bench for some more mindful munching.

Now since you will be spending all this time outside, make sure to use sun screen and schedule your next Ortanic Appointment to make your skin summertime Chi ready.