The Best Summer Makeup Tips for Tanned Skin

Licensed Esthetician and Ortanic Specialist Shawn Flemming knows a thing or two about gorgeous makeup. Read on for her tips on rocking summer makeup this season!

Now that you’ve got a beautiful and healthy Ortanic tan, you may be wondering if you need to tweak your makeup a bit. The answer is YES. Colors will look a lot different on tanned skin, so it’s the perfect time to have some fun with colors you might not normally wear. Below are a few easy ideas to try.

Bold Blushes and Bronzers

Stay away from blush with brown or peach undertones since they can give you a “muddy” look. Instead, try a dab of coral, orange or rose on the apples of your cheeks. Apply lightly by sweeping gently across your cheeks. You can also use a creamy lip color in coral or rosy red on your lips and then dab and blend on your cheeks for a natural look.

If you love bronzers, choose coppery and gold shades and apply lightly, skipping the blush. Add a touch of neutral color to lips and lots of dark mascara to lengthen lashes and draw attention to the eyes for an all over natural, flawless look.

Bright Eyes

Seek out metallic eye shadows in gold, bronze and silver. Blending is key, along with long dark lashes and a thin line of eyeliner. Remember to play up your eyes OR lips – not both! Sweeping and blending the metallic color across the entire lid with a pop of brightness in the inner corner of each eye will brighten your eyes.

Earthy Lip Colors

The best way to draw attention to your pucker is with natural lip shades in warm tones like peachy-pink and coral-pink. For the red-lipped lovers, try reds in a strawberry or deep wine color. A truly natural neutral lip with a hint of gloss works best with highlighted cheekbones and warm, earthy eye shadows in gold tones.


Keep it light. You may also find that you can go without a foundation or use a lightweight BB or CC cream now that you have your tan. When choosing a foundation, look for one that has a more yellow or golden undertone. Or, ask your local beauty expert to help you choose a foundation you can use with your Ortanic tan if you’re unsure about color choice.


Whatever palette you choose, be sure to remember sunscreen! Protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen all day to ensure that you’ll have beautiful skin for years.

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