Top Hair Trends For Spring 2015

Spring is here and that means it’s the season of no muss, no fuss hairdos leaving you more time to have fun! Some of this season’s styles are simple enough for just about anyone to do. A wet look, a casual braid or bun, and, most importantly, bed hair are becoming extremely popular this season. You can choose slicked or tousled styles. Either way, styling your hair has never been so easy and stylish at the same time.

Shiny, slicked or wet-looking hair is probably the biggest trend of this season. You might be wondering how you can achieve this look without looking like a complete grease ball! That would be by using the right products, as well as the right amount of them. You can use mousse, gel or hairspray. When using mousse, just use a handful.You can style it straight back or toss it to the side. With gel or hair spray, you can just spray a little on the sides of your hair and slick it to the back. And just like that you are out the door! I told you this was going to be easy breezy.

If hair is not tousled or slicked, you can put in in a low or medium-low messy ponytail. Nothing much to this process but a hairbrush and a hair tie.

Braids, braids, braids… This is one of my favorites! I used to love putting my hair in a french braid when I was younger. Looks like I will have the opportunity to do it again. French braid, side braid, half braid. Anyway you do it you will be making a fashion statement this season! You can always Google some hairstyles to get a better idea of different types of braids.

Enjoy these wonderful and fun ways to style your hair this spring, and don’t forget to come in for your custom airbrush tan! We have some awesome specials on products and packages that you don’t want to miss out on.

Blog written by Ortanic Coordinator, Kat Maj. The opinions in this post are her own. Contact Kat at