Wedding day tanning 101 with Ortanic Chicago

Your Wedding Tan: For Better or For Worse

You’ve planned every last detail, from the guest list and the favors to the appetizers and music playlist, right down to the font on the place cards. You spent hours trying on dresses until you picked the perfect one; even your future MIL approves. Now think about slipping into that dress on your big day, looking in the mirror and seeing a) a sunburn b) pale skin or c) an uneven skin tone on your most photographed spots – neck, face, shoulders, arms, or worst of all… d) a blotchy and orange “tan” from a booth.


Don’t let this be you! With custom airbrush tanning any shade can be yours with a little advanced planning. Whether you want a look that’s super-subtle, sun-kisssed, contoured and toned or tropical, you CAN have the perfect color on your wedding day.

First thing’s first, don’t wait until the day before your wedding to get an airbrush tan for the first time. To be sure the airbrush artist knows exactly what you are looking for, we recommend two visits before wedding week comes. At the first visit about a month before your wedding, you’ll describe your desired shade. On the second visit, you can try either lighter, darker, more contouring, etc, and then decide which of the two you prefer for your wedding.

Next, schedule your wedding tan for about 36 hours before the big event. This will give the tan time to develop to the desired shade, but not fade before the big moment arrives. So, a tan on Thursday night for a Saturday wedding would be perfect.

Third, make sure to take proper care of your tan. If you’ll be going on your honeymoon, you’ll want to get a personal bronzer that matches your tan for touch-ups on your face and hands. Also, don’t use harsh scrubs and heavy lotions on your skin in the days following your tan and make sure all your waxing is done beforehand.

Lastly, take a big deep breath and enjoy your wedding day! Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a wide-brimmed collapsible hat for your honeymoon. Oh, and book yourself another tan for about 3-6 days after you return home to keep that romantic glow going!

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